Who we are?

We are just beyond data scientists! At OptiData Science, we have various backgrounds:
data scientist who is specialized in statistics, machine learning and high performance computing;
engineer who is enthusiastic in design of experiment and process optimization;
university professor who is an expert in the field of operations research;
...just to name a few...

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What we do?

We build data products at OptiData Science: a box that takes your data and converts into business suggestions.

  • take your data into OptiData Science's high performance computing environment, parallel computer servers, or Hadoop clusters
  • build statistical models and machine learning techniques around the data
  • optimize the model outputs to maximize your return
  • pilot into an automation process -- "the box"

  • To familiar with yourself about OptiData Science's approach, see more details.

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    Get Started

    You already have an idea in your mind?

    Think about the data you have or you want to have,

    You might also want to take a minute to browse some of our projects, for exmaple myCaseTracker, and read its blog to get some ideas about our products.

    Now do you have some goal you'd like to achieve? It's okey if it is vague. And we will start from here...

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